This. is. your. sign.

Maybe you have been searching for a course to help you or maybe you haven't... but there's a good chance that you have been asking for a sign. A sign to show you, "What the hell am I suppose to do?!?!" Here it is: honest - pure - legit - step by step support. DETAILS! Breaking it down to tell you WHAT will work and WHY it does. Every. Single. Day.


+Daily motivation. +Daily fertility boosting recipes. +Daily journaling prompts to identify and clear emotional blocks. +Weekly group coaching with fun and effective strategies. +Weekly guided healing meditations. +Monthly one:one coaching with transformative strategies. +Group support from others who totally get it. +Surprise BONUSES!

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you are 100% right

Maybe you know, or maybe your don't... but you feel it in your gut... you feel it in your heart. There IS a way. "My body was created for this!" It's time to stop the madness of month after month doing the exact same thing, and expecting a different result.                           

Let me be your back seat drive. Someone holding the map and giving you direction at every fork in the road.


Hi-jack your mind&body. U-turn your life. Overhaul your fertility. COURSE OUTLINE:

*DAILY MOTIVATION – Because life can get us down from time to time.

*DAILY RECIPES – Snacks, meals, and drinks that are powerful at boosting your fertility.

*DAILY JOURNALING PROMPTS – Discover. Accept. Release. Allow.

*DAILY GROUP SUPPORT – Others who understand the challenges and the heart break that go with trying to conceive. Sharing and offering support and celebrating together!

*WEEKLY HEALING GUIDED MEDITATIONS – You will discover a whole new realm of comfort and acceptance. You will bust through emotional blocks that may be holding you back from conceiving. You will connect with your baby's spirit.


Nutrition, lifestyle, and sex - OH MY! And SO. MUCH. MORE!

Each session covers an important and integral area of enhancing your natural fertility.

Every group coach will have fun and effective exercises to help you integrate what you've learned deeper into your life.

*ONE:ONE COACHING – Just you and me. We can take a deep dive into your personal health history and uncover any potential areas that are standing in between you and your dream coming true. Full time back seat driver, holding the map!


Real-Life Client Experiences

FAQ:  You've got questions... we've got answers!

What if I start the course and it turns out I don't like it?
We totally get it. Sometimes things just aren't what you expect. So we want you to purchase with ease knowing that we have a 100% money back guarantee. If you decided that this course isn't for you for any reason within 7 days of class day 1, we will give you a 100% refund. All you have to do is turn in any assignments to prove you at least tried to get something good out of it. If it isn't your cup of tea... you get ALL your money back.

It's too expensive.
The average cost of IUI with meds is about $6,000
The average cost of IVF with meds is about $20,000
Having that baby in your arms and your dream come true: PRICELESS!

IVF and IUI is obviously more expensive. And IF you are considering an assisted reproductive cycle it would make so much sense to go into it with your most fertile body and mindset right? Not having your dream come true isn't even an option. But yes... it is an expense. And we certainly know that it is not for everyone. We also know that the people we have worked with see the value invested and then some!

What if I get pregnant during the course?
That would be awesome! I fully expect that will happen for some. Why would you leave what works?! It's not just about getting pregnant it's about staying pregnant!

How is this different than other courses on the market?
This is wayyyyy in depth. We spend every day together.. You want to see change? You will when you immerse yourself into a new way of thinking and a new way of living.

I'm planning an IVF/IUI cycle.
That is the PERFECT time to do this course. We will really focus on the quality of your eggs and you can prep your hubs to have high quality sperm too. After all you wouldn't show up to run a marathon without training first. This is the perfect way to train and prep your body for your baby.

Nothing else has worked why should I think this might?
This work is a lot more geared towards focusing on root causes. One of the main things is, living your best life now. I don't spend a ton of time talking about actually getting pregnant. Because I can't guarantee that. No one can. It breaks my heart. I wish I could. But no way am I gonna lead you on to think this is the one true way. But what I can guarantee... you will feel different after our time together. Your mind. Your body. Your soul. You will feel more connected and healthy. All of those things are vital to achieving pregnancy.

How much time will I get with Lane?
Seriously SO much time! We are gonna be besties by the end of this overhaul.  One:one coaching. Group coaching. AND DAILY information: motivation to keep your heart open and get you outta your head, recipes for a super charge fertile boost, journal prompts to help you clear blocks and limiting beliefs. On top of all that - weekly guided healing meditations. I really want you to have an immersive experience!

How much time will I need to invest in this course?
Life is busy. We have SO many things on our plate at any given time so we understand how important it is to know if you will need to 'find' or 'free up' time. This course is designed to be incorporated into your life. The time that you will need to invest into this course is for the group coaching and the one:one coaching. Generally speaking it will take 3-4 hours per week.


We totally get that sometimes you make a purchase and you have something else in mind than what you get.

We try to be as clear as possible about what you are getting and what you can expect from this course. Yet we know sometimes things happen. So we want you to rest assured and purchase with ease knowing that you have a 100% money back guarantee.

If you decide within 7 days of class day 1 that you would rather not continue, all you need to do is turn in any activities/assignments to show that you gave it your best go. We want you to dive in and fully participate in this course. 

I feel different. My heart feels different. My head feels different. My body feels different. It is all in ways I can’t put words to yet. It is all in ways that have been nothing short of, almost, miraculous. I feel deeper. I love deeper. I love ME. I adore Lane. I thank God for putting Lane in my life, right where I needed her to be.
— A beautiful soul and client of Healing Grounds
I found Lane st a transitional time in my TTC journey. I could called because I honestly thought...is this just one more thing. But after speaking with Lane i just had this feeling I needed more. I am so happy I took a leap of faith and connected with Lane. She has been there, she knows first hand, and she is so real and honest it’s hard not to love her! I’ve learned so much about my body and the woman who I once was before fertility challenges took over my life. In 30 days, I’ve totally changed my thoughts, eating, and hope with TTC! I will be a MOM! I am fruitful! I am that brave girl inside! I have Lane to thank for bringing all of that forward from me!
— An amazing client of Healing Grounds
So you’re going to have to do it, the thing you need to do. You’re going to have to jump and trust the parachute will open. Because here’s the thing, even if it doesn’t, even if you crash and burn and shatter, you are infinitely more alive than you are observing from the sidelines, wondering “what if?
— Kristin Lohr