Healing Meditations

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Meditation Workshop

Tune in your meditation station at a meditation workshop. Meditation is all the rage these days and for good reason. Meditation Workshops are designed for a group of people. Great for teammates. Work groups. And even complete strangers. The energy created in a group setting is quite fantastical!

It boasts a huge list of benefits, such as:

  • reduces stress
  • improves concentration
  • increases self-awareness
  • increases joy
  • slows aging
  • benefits cardiovascular and immune health

I could keep going but, I think you get the picture.


A meditation workshop is perfect for you if:

  • you are a beginner and want to learn how, when, where and why to meditate
  • you are a master meditator and have a healthy respect for the power of group flow
  • you are any one anywhere in between

We cover all the goods about meditation AND we will do 2-3 short guided meditations.
NO DOUBT you will leave feeling amazing AND ready to prioritize meditation into your routine!

Meditation Journey

Do you feel stuck? Are you ready for a change? When is the last time you laughed? Like really let it out?

This one-on-one experience is designed to help you bust through all that is holding you back. It is set up to help you tap into that well of peace and joy within your being at any time.

If anxiety or depression are a part of your day to day routine, let's change the cycle.

Feel better. Feel alive. Feel free. (No experience necessary 😉!)

One Session Journey = $150

Three Session Journey = $300