Take a deep breath. Remember, information is power. Knowing is truly half the battle. Once you know better, you can do better. At the very least it opens up so many more options.

The best part: There is MORE where that came from! 

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A 6 Part Video Series to Help You Optimize Your Health and Fertility

Video 2

Lifestyle Choice.

Your skin is your largest organ. What goes on your body, gets in your body. Learn my top 3 recommendations to clean up your lifestyle choices. Full of tips and tricks to eliminate as many harmful chemicals from your life as possible. Where are they hiding? What's a stellar replacement? All of that and so much more.


Video 4

Mindfulness Matters.

We all know that stress can have a massive impact on our overall health. But, that's not really all that helpful is it? How do we deal with that stress? In this video I cover some of the best ways I have found to deal with ongoing stressors. We even drop into a short and massively powerful mediation.


Video 6

Ask Me Anything & Frequently Asked Questions.

I gathered the most commonly asked questions and frequently covered topics. This video is jam packed with goodness about book suggestions, doctoring, Mercier Therapy and other holistic practitioner option. We also will talk about supplements, fertile symptoms to look for, and of course, one of my faves: nature! ALL the magical things!

Video 3

Seasons of Your Cycle.

Just like the weather changes throughout the year, your body changes each and every month. Understanding these seasons of your cycle will allow you to best support yourself no matter the storm that's thrown your way. Embrace winter and bloom in summer. Let me share with you how.


Video 5

Move That Body.

It's no secret that exercise is beneficial. Let's get more specific. There are certain movements that will best support your reproductive health. Together we can take a deep dive into the most supportive 'workouts' to your juiciest self, right from the comfort of your own home.



Sex and Infertility.

If you are struggling with fertility challenges you know how it feels to have your bedroom life change a bit... or a bunch. It seems so unfair to have yet another challenge added to the long list that comes with the waiting. If your looking for some new ideas on ways to spice it up, you're going to love this video. PLUS details about how sex can improve your fertility. AND we'll talk about how much sex is the right amount of sex!